Large-scale real property transactions can be an overwhelming, even daunting, experience, and more often than not, one of the most significant and important undertakings in a client’s lifetime.

We’ll help you navigate the real estate process and chart the course that’s best for you.

Through thoughtful, meticulous, beginning-to-end client communication, the Horizon Group can help guide you through the entire property brokerage, development and management process—or simply parts thereof as needed—and chart the course that’s best for you and your goals.


Buyers and Sellers

The central strength of 1 Horizon Brokerage is its ability to produce sound and defensible valuations of the properties our clients are listing or contemplating purchasing. Many brokerage houses, in spite of having the best of intentions, may list properties at prices based more on emotion and wishful thinking than on market driven data and experience in the asset class. To avoid artificially setting expectations beyond reach, 1 Horizon Brokerage instead uses a proprietary modeling system that accurately captures relevant market data to arrive at a rational valuation. Both buyers and sellers therefore appreciate and respect valuations we produce because of the rigorous analysis we undertake; such valuations are in all cases supported by reason. If, as conventional wisdom has it, “Price fixes everything” then 1 Horizon Brokerage’s motto could be, “Establishing the right price from the start is the best beginning.”

For Buyers

Sound valuation enables our clients to make informed offers that are rational, respected, and more likely to succeed. Our proprietary valuation modeling also provides buyers with a deeper understanding of the nature of the asset they are acquiring and its prospect for future profitability. A knowledgeable buyer, armed with sound market data and detailed asset class information, is more formidable, and is usually more effective, in acquiring assets at the best possible price.

For Sellers

Sound valuation necessarily leads to proper pricing and realistic expectations. This results in the receipt of more serious inquiries, elimination of insincere or unqualified buyers, shorter listing periods, and faster closed transactions.

For Sale By Owner

For that intrepid ‘For Sale By Owner’, or “FSBO” seller, the 1 Horizon Brokerage approach to valuation means that individuals wishing to go it alone can benefit from special pricing for our services, albeit with limited marketing, but with the peace of mind that the asset has been properly valued and presented to the market. We offer a variety of services and analytical tools to meet the needs of our FSBO sellers.


Our Fellow Brokers

Because our client properties are scattered through the United States, 1 Horizon Brokerage engages in good faith, cooperative arrangements with diverse brokers on a nationwide basis, and we gladly co-broke with like-minded brokers interested in sharing this model. We adhere to the interstate laws and regulations governing our profession. We enter into clear, unambiguous contractual arrangements, keep our fiduciary duty to our clients at the foremost of our minds, and seek to maximize mutual goodwill and foster long-term broker relationships.

Beyond merely cooperating in the process of buying and selling properties, 1 Horizon Brokerage is also able to confidentially counsel brokers and sellers whose listings may be languishing or who do not otherwise have experience with RV and hospitality-based properties. 1 Horizon Brokerage can in many cases help our fellow brokers effectively repackage and reposition their properties for the marketplace, and we are happy to discuss how we may assist in bringing better market visibility to the endeavor.