RV Development Services

Your time is precious, align yourself with a firm that can provide it all.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • RV Resort Design
    • Master Planning
    • Existing RV Resort Expansion Planning & Design
    • Business Plans, Financial Projections
    • Line Item Construction Cost Estimates
    • Oversight of Zoning and Permitting Approvals
    • Work with Engineers and Architects on Construction Plans & Value Engineering

  • Project & Construction Management
  • Work with Financing Resources – Banks and Equity Partners
  • Third Party RV Resort Management
    • Turnkey Management
    • Operational Planning and Start-up
    • Marketing Plans
    • Brokerage Services

Feasibility Studies

Charting the course for your success

Our process is to make an on-site visit for 3 days in order to evaluate the site, meet with the property owner and examine the market area and competition. We then produce a high level recommendation for whether the project should proceed and how it should be sized and positioned within the market in order to maximize the customer base. We’ve found that every market and property is unique and we do not take a cookie cutter approach as some of our competitors do. If we all agree that the project is feasible based on our initial report, we can then produce various levels of a feasibility study based on your needs. The full study can be produced within 30 days.

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Our studies include:

  • An exhaustive evaluation of the market area
  • Why the area is a draw for tourists and RVers and estimate the probable demand
  • A review of the area RV resort/park competition
  • How rates and property amenities should be positioned within the market in order to attract customers and fill an under-served niche
  • Produce an innovative site design, maximizing property use in the most cost effective manner and to provide the right amenities for the market
  • Comprehensive 5 year financial projections based on attainable occupancy and expense assumptions
  • A high level marketing budget and strategy
  • Background information on the RV industry

Our studies are the most comprehensive in the industry, often exceeding 100 pages of relevant material, and are ready to be used for attracting banks and possible investors.


Post-Feasibility Services

Construction Management. On Site, On Time, On Budget.

We are able to provide a full suite of services to augment the implementation of your plan:

  • Act as a full time construction manager (Tony Caputo) on site. The fee would be based on a competitive percent (based on local construction management practices) of the third party construction and entitlement costs and would include:
    • Management of the entitlement process including County and /or Municipality, Army Corps, State DEQ and other state agencies, and SWAT.
    • Work with engineers and architects including, civil engineering, structural design and engineering, mechanical and plumbing engineering, Electrical Engineering, as well as working with the providers of TV, WIFI, and Telephone.
    • Manage the bid (three bids per line item) and construction (subcontractors) process on site.

No matter the complexity of the project, we are able to work as your advocate to make sure the vision becomes reality. To build out your dream and your vision, RV Park construction management will be critical. As developers, we recognize implicitly that all aspects of the project require great care; from site layout to construction management, to realistic revenue models and market positioning (and more), all of the pieces need to tie closely and responsibly together to ensure the best possible outcome.

Moreover, because we also provide third-party management services, we have to approach each of our projects from the perspective that we will not only be accountable to you through the entire development process, we also may very well be accountable well after the project is completed. Even if you do not require third-party management after completion, it is this level of care and accountability we bring to all our projects. Put simply – Unlike many other consultants in the industry who merely offer advice, collect a check and ‘wish you well’, our approach is to be your partners in success long after the doors are open for business. In this regard, we are completely unique to the industry, and this approach has become the cornerstone of our success. We don’t just build RV Resorts, we build relationships.