Are you a real estate broker? Can you sell my RV Park or help me purchase one?

By virtue of our affiliated companies, 1Horizon Brokerage Services and Horizon RV Resort Development, we are uniquely poised to offer a comprehensive approach for buyers, sellers, and brokers. Whether you are looking for a brokerage firm to list your property with or source your next acquisition, we are here to assist your specific needs. Please visit our 1Horizon Brokerage Services site by clicking here

Are you able to assist with financing a new RV park or refinancing an existing one?

Financing, especially in these times, can be difficult. However through our alliances we may be able to point you in the right direction and get you in touch with the right people to assist you. We are not lenders, but we do have the ability to make the right connections for you in many cases.

Do you provide services in all states?

Yes we do. Although we are based in California and also have an office in Colorado, we are able to assist any client needing our services, anywhere in the country. Let’s discuss your objectives and see how we can help!

Do you provide the employees?

As with any business, finding qualified employees is one of the largest challenges. For our managed portfolio clients we will be glad to assist in finding qualified staff if needed, but your employees are your own and you have control over staffing levels.

How involved in day to day operations do I need to be?

As little or as much as you want, and that’s the best part! We visit with you to determine where you want to be, identify your objectives, and work with you towards your goals. Our objective is to make sure your goals are realized, using proven methods for improving a property’s bottom line. We want to be your partners in success. It’s your property and your investment; we merely offer you the ability to maximize its potential while relieving you of many of the headaches, and free you to pursue other interests.

I have identified an RV Park I am interested in buying. Can you help me evaluate it?

We can assist in evaluating the historical performance of the property and look for ‘trouble areas’ and areas where it appears you can improve performance, but a thorough evaluation would likely require a site visit. There are many, many issues that go along with the process, including evaluating the competitive market of the subject property, that can’t be done by simply analyzing historical data.

I’m buying an RV Park and need help managing it, but I have people to handle all accounting. Are you able to help?

Yes. The RV Park Management solutions we offer are scalable to your needs. We can provide oversight, budgeting, staffing, marketing and all other facets, but merely submit operating data and A/P for your side to handle. Since this solution requires less of our resources, we can provide this at a reduced fee.

If I decide to turn all of it over to you, are you able to do that also?

Absolutely. We have the ability to offer a complete turnkey solution and take all the worries of day-to-day operations away for you, while still providing complete accountability for every level of the operation.

Is there a minimum property size for which you will provide management services?

Not specifically; however, the property must have significant enough existing or upside NOI to be beneficial to both property ownership and us. Other possibilities for smaller properties may include equity participation or other creative ventures. No matter the size of your property, let’s discuss how we may benefit each other.

What does it cost for your Management services?

We believe fees are an investment that should provide a return in the form of increased bottom-line performance. Our goal is to generate benefits to you in excess of those fees. Because our solutions are scalable, each individual property’s needs determine the final investment from the owner. We would be glad to discuss your needs and propose the right pricing for you and determine how we might be of assistance.